Adopted Villages


Villages adopted by KVK Bandipora.


Name of the village

Thrust Area Activities.



Wheat (SW-2)

Fodder Maize (African Tall)

Paddy (SR-3)

Oats (Sabzar)



Paddy (Jehlum/SR-1)

Oats (Sabzar).



Oilseeds (Brown sarson)

Pea (Arkel), Vegetables


Watapora, Ganestan

Protected vegetable cultivation and Vegetable seedling production (SKUAST-K released varieties).


Aloosa, Kema, Quil.

Oilseeds [Sunflower (Morden), Brown sarson (KS-101), Paddy (SR-2).


Nesbal, Asham, Inderkoot, Shadipora, Potushai, Aragam, Chetti Banday.

Apple, Vegetables, Paddy, Oats, Pea, Stone fruits.


Izmarg Gurez.



Markoot Gurez.

Oats (Sabzar).


Buglinder Tulail

Wheat (SW-2).


Larwalpora, Lankrishpora, Nusso, Mangnipora.

Carp fish.

SUMLAR VILLAGE:    This is one of the largest villages of District Bandipora and situated at an altitude of 1820m above msl, mostly comprises of hilly terrain and dense forests with cool environs. The village consists of 740 families which includes 384 gojjer families. The total population of village is 5967 with sex ratio of 958 females for 1000 males. Sumlar village has an area of 4096 kanals of Agriculture land. The land is mostly under maize, pulses, and wheat and paddy crops. However the village has more than 25ha. Under orchards of apple, peach, plum, pear, chestnut and cherry. The area is also famous for quality honey production and procurement of medicinal and aromatic plant from nearby forests. Due to hilly terrain the gojjer community grows wheat, oats and peas. In summers the farmers grow Maize, pulses, beans for their own consumption and some portion is sold in the local market. Village has a quality production of Apple, Peach, plum, Pear. The total fruit production is above 100 MT and fetches an amount of around 48 lakhs to the fruit growing farmers of the village. Every village family rears cattle for meat and milk production. Also village has a good population of Sheep, goat, Buffalo.

In the year 2012 KVK Bandipora make an intervention and adopted the village .The farmers were provided the quality maize seed for an area of 06 ha as demonstration. All Scientific cultural practices were demonstrated to the farmers. Various awareness cum training programmes were conducted in the village for quality production of cereal crops. Hybrid maize crop was demonstrated in the village. Similarly new breeds of back yard poultry birds were also introduced in the village for better egg and chicken meat production so that their   dietary  requirements gets fulfilled. Also in the Rabi season of year 2012, 04 ha of area was provided with wheat seed (Shalimar Wheat- 1) as demonstration An area of 03 ha was taken under oats crop. 20 numbers of farmers were provided with Brown Sarson (02 ha ) as FLD in Rabi 2012. Twenty numbers of progressive farmers of the area were taken to SKUAST-K on exposure visit to improve their knowledge and skill. A training programme on training and pruning is to be provided to the progressive orchardists of the village in second fortnight of Nov. 2012.

Aloosa Village: Aloosa is most popular village in the district and comprises of 1496 families having population 12864. The village is located on Bandipora - Sopore road and is just 6Km away from KVK Bandipora. The village has also educational, financial and developmental institutions. The village has more than 5680 (290ha) of agriculture. Due to suitable location and availability of all facilities the village is famous for quality apple production and produces more than 1450mt of apple. The village more than 140ha of area under apple crop. Village of aloosa has a vast area under paddy, maize, oilseed, oats, pea and pulses and is famous for production of rice crop.

In the year 2009 KVK started various activities in the village. In Kharief 2009 KVK provided paddy seed SR1 to more than 20 farmers to tackle the menace of Blast disease and KVK demonstrated seed treatment, spray of fungicides to control the disease. In kharief 2010 maize seed C15 was provided to 22 number of farmers covering an area of 06ha and farmers got quality maize production. In Rabi 2010 19 farmers were provided with Brown Sarson seed (Ks101) on an area of 03ha,faemers got quality oil production  of sarson. In the same year various training programmes, awareness camps were conducted for quality production of apple, oilseed,maize and paddy. In the year 2011 KVK fully adopted the village and takes lead role for their welfare. In the year 2012, 120 backyard poultry birds were distributed amongst the farming community of the village. In the Kharief 2012  52 farmers were provided with paddy seed of SR1, SR2 and Jhelum varieties and farmers got around 70-80 q per ha yield. In the same year 09 training programmes were conducted on quality production of paddy, oilseed and maize