Weat Maize Rotation

• In district Bandipora maize is being cultivated over an area of 4630 ha under rain-fed condition with low input use, use of land races and high plant density
• Maize was a staple food of tribal farmers whose main crop is maize.
• Being a rain fed crop grown on sloppy lands under the foothills of forests it is mostly being damaged by bear during the months of August-September.

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Oil seeds

 KVK Intervention for Increasing Quantity & Quality of Oilseed (Brown Sarsoon) through ICM & INM

The importance of pre-sowing irrigation, ploughing , harrowing, leveling and proper drainage facilities of land, timely sowing with proper dozes of nutrients has helped in achieving a good crop which was observed by majority of farmers resulting in increase of area under oilseeds

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Processing Unit

Kashmir Valley Food Products a processing unit established by a women in Kunusu village of Bandipora district, the unit was established for processing of Pickle, Jam, Muraba, Honey and Water Chestnuts and making progress by every passing day, The processing unit is having an annual profit of 4.85 Lc from the sale of Pickle, Muraba and other products the unit is catering to local markets of Sopore and Bandipora plus it supplies its products to Army canteen and Goodwill Schools.

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Integrated Farming

An experienced entrepreneur belonging to famous Whatapora village of District Bandipora, has 1.5 acres of cultivated land with adequate supply of irrigation and used to cultivate different varieties of vegetables, paddy & pulses besides livestock. He has strong acumen and zeal to give the farming a modernised shape. The farmer is interested in integrated farming and took vegetable production as main venture . He solely depends for more than 75% of the inputs of his farm and only 25% are being purchased from the market.

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Changing the way

Raashid Iqbal Mir
A Young entrepreneur with strong acumen and zeal to give  the farming a modernised shape. After Graduation he took a sincere look towards newer fields of farming and takes floriculture as main venture . He has erected 04 No. of  polyhouses on 0.0375 ac.of land for growing Carnation and Lilium. He took plantation of willow and Russian popular on 0.25 ac.. of land and grow paddy on 0.50 ac. as traditional crop and for the remaining area he grows off-season vegetables,fodder maize and apple. He also created one large compost pit for composting of farm waste

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Paddy Blast

FLD Paddy at Village Mangnipora

District Bandipora is surrounded by Himalayan Mountains having Kargil District on north, Kupwara in West, Baramulla in south and Ganderbal in east. The district has a population of 457842, about 85% population of District lives in villages and agriculture is the mainstay of the majority of the people in the district. Paddy is cultivated as a kharief crop up to 9900 hectares. Jhelum and SR-2 varieties of paddy were demonstrated in different culstur villages of district. The farmers were demonstrated with seed treatment, timely application of fertilizers, age of seedling for quality production and to overcome the blast disease problem. The jehlum variety was

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