Paddy Blast

FLD Paddy at Village Mangnipora

District Bandipora is surrounded by Himalayan Mountains having Kargil District on north, Kupwara in West, Baramulla in south and Ganderbal in east. The district has a population of 457842, about 85% population of District lives in villages and agriculture is the mainstay of the majority of the people in the district. Paddy is cultivated as a kharief crop up to 9900 hectares. Jhelum and SR-2 varieties of paddy were demonstrated in different culstur villages of district. The farmers were demonstrated with seed treatment, timely application of fertilizers, age of seedling for quality production and to overcome the blast disease problem. The jehlum variety was

adopted in 124 villages on 25 hactares and SR-2 in 5 villages on 0.75 hectares of land which fetch 20% of more yields than local varities without severe blast disease. The incidence of paddy blast was observed in the hot spot cluster villages of Nasu, Mangnipora, Kemaha, Watrina, Sheikbagh, Gramru and Nadihal villages of Bandipora. The farmers whom FLDs were given soaked the seeds overnight in tricyclozole 75 WP (60g / 100 lit). Before transplanting, seedlings were dipped for 10-20 minutes in  Tricyclozole 75WP @ 60g / 100 lit. of water and  standing crop were sprayed with Tricyclozole 75WP @ 60g / 100 lit. of water at first disease appearance followed by spraying with Hexaconazole 5EC @30ml/100 liters of water at  15 days intervals.


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